Why Should You Use a Travel Agency?

Corporate Travel can be difficult in the best of circumstances. Your travel agency can be your best friend. Travel agencies are more than just a way to book flights. They can save you a lot of money with travel discounts. Because travel agencies book thousands of flights, hotels, rental cars and other services for their clients, they can build relationships with different traveling brands. In addition to receiving discounts, often members of corporate travel agencies receive flight upgrades, free hotel breakfasts, room upgrades and VIP check-in at hotels and rental car kiosks. Not only saving you money, but also providing better service.

Perks and discounts are just one of the many advantages that you can receive. Travel agents have a wealth of industry knowledge and access. What is the fastest route from your business to New York? Or can I get a direct flight to Thailand? Flight agents know how to get you to your destination on time, on budget and also can provide you with useful information while you are there.

Unfortunately not all travel agencies were created equal and not all business trips go according to plan. Flight delays, bad weather, missed flights, unexpected changes in itineraries, and many other surprises can make traveling one of the most difficult parts of running your business. Travel agencies usually provide a third party emergency contact service that provide decent service to help you get through your travel emergencies. However, when your employee is stranded halfway across the world, do you want just “decent service” or do you want the combined force of contracted services and members from Hess Travel’s staff, who provide excellent service, working around the clock to make sure you not only get to your destination, but also make it home safe and sound.

Travel agencies are meant to work for you and make your life easier, and that is our promise to you here at Hess Travel. In the tough world of business travel, you need someone who has your back. We will always go the extra mile for you.

For more information, contact a Hess corporate travel agent today.