Travel Management Company or Online Budget Booking?

With the digital world at the touch of our fingertips booking things online ourselves
seems like a breeze. So why not do it for all our companies travels as well, right? Wrong.
Although Online Budget Booking seem to be the best fit for all your needs while also
eliminating fees, there’s a lot that is unspoken as well.

We all know the saying “it’s too good to be true?” Well unfortunately that applies to this
situation right here. First things first: Online Budget Booking companies claim to give you the lowest price on airfare, hotels, etc. But what they fail to mention is that all the options may not be available to them. Online Budget Booking companies have to pay major fees in order to receive certain flights or rooms so they can display them publicly on their website. At the end of the day, there is no guarantee that you are receiving the lowest possible price. Travel management companies don’t get paid extra to have certain flights or rooms featured or selected.

Relationships. Another thing we’ve all heard about, especially throughout the business world. TMCs (travel management companies) are all about creating relationships and long- lasting partnerships with your company. By utilizing a Global Distribution System (GDS) and customizable booking preferences, experienced booking agents are able to compare different reservation options to present the best fit for you and your company.

When it comes down to it; travel management companies are the best choice for your
travel needs. Chances are you will be needing more than one trip booked, so book with
someone who knows you and your company best.