Same Day Customer Care

Same Day Customer Care with Hess Price Assurance


We are excited to share with you that Hess Corporate Travel has added a new department to our customer service team. Our Price Assurance for same day flights can potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

Example:  We book a client fare who calls this morning that must go to JFK on the nonstop flight this afternoon.  There are no coach seats and only first class.  The price at First class is $1410.20.  All you need is one coach seat to jump into availability and the price will drop drastically. (still flying first class)  In this example having one seat drop into inventory would keep the first class seat and drop the price to $557.20 giving a savings of $853!


Watch our Price Assurance video by clicking here!


How does this work? Our Customer Service team will reach out to you right away and say something similar to this: “My name is Joyce from Hess Travels Price Assurance Program, and Greg has alerted me of your high priced ticket for this evening.  Just wanted to let you know that I will keep my eye on availability on that flight all day today and if something changes with price, I’ll grab it and let you know”.

Yes! It’s is that easy!