Lookin’ For Trouble™

Help when you really need it – on the road:  Lookin’ for Trouble™

Our Lookin’ for Trouble™ team provides an unequaled level of attention to the needs of our travelers, pre-trip, in-trip and post-trip. Specially trained members of our Utah Business Travel Management team monitor travel for our clients from day of departure until end of travel, watching for the kinds of things that can really ruin your day:

  • Weather-related delays or cancellations
  • Mechanical problems causing delays or cancellations
  • Gate changes
  • Changes in aircraft (to protect seat assignments) and more

Though it is impossible to catch every possible situation, we have saved lots of grief for countless of our traveling friends. Lookin’ for Trouble™ quite literally is one final defense against disaster for thousands of our customers each week. Lookin’ for Trouble™ is unique to Hess® Corporate Travel Agency and is staffed by our own personnel.