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Why Should You Use a Travel Agency?

Corporate Travel can be difficult in the best of circumstances. Your travel agency can be your best friend. Travel agencies are more than just a way to book flights. They can save you a lot of money with travel discounts. Because travel agencies book thousands of flights, hotels, rental cars and other services for their [...]

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Don’t Let Unused Corporate Travel Tickets Go to Waste

Introducing the Ticket Goalie™ Business is about making money. It sounds simple and straightforward, but unfortunately money is like water and a business is like a bucket with holes in it. Every dollar earned is a drop of water added to the bucket, but a dollar spent is a drop that slips out. While it [...]

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Corporate Travel Services: Hess Travel’s Lookin for Trouble Team

Benefits of Corporate Travel Services Corporate Travel can be one of the most rewarding and most profitable business ventures you undertake each year. However, air travel is far from perfect. Airlines often change the departure gate, and sometimes change which aircraft you will be traveling on. This could cause you to not get your assigned [...]

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