Hess Travel Acquires Morris Murdock Business Travel




Salt Lake City, Utah – It is uncommon in this economy for a large company to make a bold move in the customer’s favor; Morris Murdock Travel has done just that. Morris Murdock has entered into a management agreement with Hess® Corporate Travel for the fulfillment and management of its business travel division, a management agreement which converts into Hess’s acquistion of Morris Murdock Business Travel at the end of the contract term.

Hess Travel manages $59 million in annual sales, nearly twice the current size of Morris Murdock’s business division. This agreement has both company presidents working together to support customers, adding Morris Murdock staff to the Hess team, and producing a seamless transition for current customers.

The new arrangement allows Hess Travel to continue to focus on business travel and Morris Murdock to continue to focus on leisure travel. Both companies presently hold top spots in travel agency rankings.

Hess Travel is an award-winning TMC (travel management company) with a 23-year history and a focus on business travel management. In addition to excellent services, Hess offers live, locally staffed, 24-hour emergency assistance (most agencies use a third-party service for this crucial need). Hess also offers its proprietary “Lookin’ For Trouble TM” which protects Hess travelers from a whole list of on-the-road disasters, including weather challenges, mechanical issues, gate changes, seat-assignment risks, and flight cancellations.

When Morris Murdock President Becky Potts reviewed her competitors in business travel, she noted commonalities with Hess Travel. Potts was later considering the best strategy to continue to provide exceptional service to business customers and thought about an alliance as a way to solve for the demands of advancing technology, while keeping client service first. When asked to recall the moment when the idea to team up struck, Potts said,

“The idea developed when I realized that we both offer comprehensive services.” She continued, “We both offer personalized care and respect for our clients; it was a logical move. We’re providing the best of each organization for our customers.”

When asked to comment on the arrangement, Alan H. Hess, President of Hess Travel said, “Business customers need a travel management partner who provides personalized, complete services and expertise as part of real value, while continuing to provide the most up-to-date technology.” Hess Travel Vice President and General Manager, Michael Davidson stated, “Hess Travel provides clients with a remarkable commitment to the best possible care for our customers. It’s truly a win-win for all, especially for our business customers.”

Behind the scenes, business travel is a complex system of support designed to provide seamless and comprehensive care for travelers and companies. Well planned and well executed travel management avoids financial and personal waste and helps companies magnify the value flowing from their expenditure of travel dollars. Business travel is hard work, and there needs to be a pay off for companies who travel as part of their business.

Given the complexities of business travel management, very few organizations are able to provide excellence in both technology and service. Both Morris Murdock and Hess Travel state that putting people first is their top priority. “People, after all, make travel meaningful and technology useful,” said BJ Mendenhall, Chief Financial Officer of Morris Murdock.

Hess Travel commenced business as American International Travel in 1985 and acquired Crossroads Travel in 1997. Business Travel News – BTN (New York, NY) has ranked Utah-based Hess Corporate Travel as the 26th largest business travel agency in the United States. Morris Murdock Travel continues its focus on the leisure market, including Black Pearl elite travel, Murdock Tours, cruises, and meetings & incentives. Morris Murdock Travel began in 1958 as Murdock Travel, merging with Morris Travel in 2000.

Customers may contact Hess Travel at 801-292-8687 or online at

www.hesstravel.com. Morris Murdock Travel may be contacted at 800- 395-2608 or online at www.morrismurdock.com.