Hess PriceAssurance™

Hess Travel’s PriceAssurance

When was the last time you bought something and then the merchant kept working to find a way to reduce the price? Likely never. Nevertheless, that is exactly what the Hess Corporate Travel agency  does for our customers, and it’s what sets us apart from other corporate travel companies. Because airline pricing is very fluid and changes constantly, we will check fare options after you buy your ticket that would allow us to reissue your ticket at a lower price, AND we will do that every day until your flight actually takes off.

The airlines are not particularly happy that we do this for customers, but, after all, we work for our customers and not for the airlines. Each month we present our customers with thousands of dollars of unexpected savings. As specialists in both corporate and small business travel management, we know how important each dollar saved is to you.

I hate middle seats. What will you do for me if only middle seats are available?

We are very much aware that there is no more valuable real estate than the nine square feet that you occupy on an airplane.  If we cannot immediately acquire the seat you want, we will keep working on it until you actually board the airplane.  It is not uncommon for our team members to check for improved seating dozens of times, and we improve your odds considerably of getting the seat you want.

How can you help me avoid misadventures on the road?

In the past, a travel agent could advise you to show up early for your flight and not much else.  What we have done has changed all that!  The exciting news is that we are now able to do much more.