Global Reach

Managing travel worldwide: Hess Corporate Travel’s global reach

“It is huge for us that Hess quite seamlessly manages data and reporting with our South Africa headquarters, seemingly as easily as with any of the US locations where we do business.”

Alan Hess (Hess Corporate Travel CEO) and Mike Davidson (Hess Corporate Travel COO) meet with UK and European counterparts from Hess Corporate Travel system office in London.

Doing business on the other side of the world can be a challenge, and your travel management partner needs global reach.

With system headquarters in London, Hess Travel affiliated offices are in key cities worldwide. With our connections, surprising things happen, like local fares that are not available in the United States.

Hess Travel’s boots-on-the-ground can melt those time zones and take the stress out of sending your travelers to faraway places. And after the travel is done, let Hess Travel consolidate your data so you can manage your global travel just like you never left home.

European System Headquarters
21 Provost Street
London N1 7NH
United Kingdom