Front Desk™

We have invested substantially in our powerful protocol to scour the world for the best hotel deals for our customers.  We look at opportunities not only in our travel industry database, but also in sources that are not easily searchable, including nearly a score of online vendors such as Expedia and  Remember when your travel agent had to send a fax to a hotel in order to prepay a stay, and then hoped it all translated well into Romanian?  No more.  All transactions are processed in our reliable and secure system.  FrontDesk is just one more way Hess Travel is looking out for you.

As part of our business travel management program, we provide you with a detailed review and analysis of your current hotel spending in your top ten travel locations.  Our online business travel agency services include consultation, recommendations and negotiations for preferred hotels to save your company more money.   We also provide a detailed hotel guide specific to your company.