Duty of Care with Safe to Go

Business travel can be stressful and we are typically prepared to handle flight delays or lost luggage but are you prepared to handle a terrorist attack or major natural disaster during your travel? The company you are traveling for is legally responsible to take care of all travelers during a business trip. It’s called Duty of Care.

Looking out for the safety of business travelers is a need in today’s ever-changing business climate. Technology has certainly made it easier to track and/or find travelers in crisis but its also the companies obligation to protect the employees by ensuring safe and secure travel on every trip.
Without a Duty of Care system in place your company could face potentially large legal and financial penalties if a serious incident were to affect one of their business travelers.

How does Hess Corporate Travel help? Comprehensive global traveler locator capability is a critical part of your company’s Duty of Care responsibilities to your employees and our Safe To Go Program is real-time access at your fingertips to help find every traveler, including what flight they are on or what hotel they are in. We also have our Safe to Go Team ready to help at any moment disaster strikes.