Don’t Let Unused Corporate Travel Tickets Go to Waste

Introducing the Ticket Goalie™

Business is about making money. It sounds simple and straightforward, but unfortunately money is like water and a business is like a bucket with holes in it. Every dollar earned is a drop of water added to the bucket, but a dollar spent is a drop that slips out. While it is impossible to make money without spending money, some of the leaks in the bucket can be plugged, saving you money. While your Business travel events probably are a great investment that provides an enormous return on investment, hidden under the financial gains of your corporate travels may be a rather large leak costing your thousands of dollars a year.

It may not surprise your that about half of all business travel tickets are exchanged, refunded, or canceled. Many businesses forget about these tickets, which then expire, resulting in the huge losses. In truth, this isn’t a small leak, this is a huge money pit. We understand how difficult it can be to keep track of all of your corporate travel tickets. We believe that you shouldn’t lose your hard earned cash just because you forget about your unused tickets.  Our ticket value management protocol helps plug the hole and save you money. We call it the Ticket Goalie™.

Using the Ticket Goalie™, we help you retain the maximum value from your unused tickets. Our powerful technology track your unused air tickets, tagging them so that they will be used as soon as possible. This straightforward and effective system is what sets us apart from the rest of the corporate travel agencies.

Instead of losing money with expired, unused plane tickets, let the Ticket Goalie™ catch those unused tickets and make good use of them on your next business trip. To learn more about our ticket value management system, contact Hess Travel today!