Corporate Travel Services: Hess Travel’s Lookin for Trouble Team

Benefits of Corporate Travel Services

Corporate Travel can be one of the most rewarding and most profitable business ventures you undertake each year. However, air travel is far from perfect. Airlines often change the departure gate, and sometimes change which aircraft you will be traveling on. This could cause you to not get your assigned seat or miss your flight all together.  If these were the only issues with flights, few people would complain,

Unfortunately, far too often air travel is not reliable. While most of the time flights are on time and the weather is nice. A nasty storm can delay and cancel flights, causing missed connections, and even strand you for a while. Planes sometimes are delayed or canceled due to mechanical problems causing similar problems.

At Hess Travel, we understand the huge impact these inconveniences can have on you and your business. Lost time and revenue are a small part of what you suffer, we know you also lose time with your loved ones and have to stress about how to get to or from your destination. We, as your corporate travel service team, are on your side and want to do everything we can to protect you from these inconveniences that can turn a great business trip into a disaster. That is why we created the Lookin’ For Trouble™ team.

Hess Travel’s Lookin for Trouble™ team consists of our specially trained staff members who monitor your travel from your day of departure until you get back, looking for things that can really ruin your trip. We provide an unequaled level of attention, watching out for weather-related and mechanical problems that cause delays and cancellations, gate changes, changes in aircraft (protecting your seat assignment), and many other situations that will cause you grief.  While we can’t catch everything, the Lookin for Trouble™ team is your final defense against the inconveniences of corporate travel.

To learn more about how our Lookin for Trouble™ corporate travel service can protect you on your next trip, contact Hess Travel.