Concur, the Hess Way

Concur, the Hess® Way

Surprising Value Added to Self-Booking

Years ago, we worked closely as an early adopter with Concur Technologies and its predecessor organizations to bring self-booking technology to our customers. Being on that ground floor has given us valuable perspective on how and when to best use this technology.

  • Searches all airline inventories worldwide.
  • Holds space for you while you are still searching.
  • Allows you to stop and go back in the booking process.
  • Helps companies manage travel by enforcing travel policy.
  • Integrates your car and hotel choices onto a single screen

“I used to think that ‘Concur was Concur’ but Hess Travel adds so much value I wasn’t expecting.”

Why Is Concur Better With Hess Travel?

  • You still get us. We are here to make things work better for you.
  • You still get our Hess Price Assurance™ and Lookin’ For Trouble™ assistance.
  • You get our sophisticated management reporting and vendor negotiations.
  • You get our LifeSavers™ emergency team for travel’s toughest moments.
  • You get so much more with Concur if you are a Hess customer.