Business Travel Management

Hess Travel –
Business Travel Management that Really is Different

  • Always-Open Agent Access
    The best of class technology to make sure you are able to reach your corporate travel agent.
  • Hess PriceAssurance™
    Always get the lowest price possible for your tickets up to the day you fly and powerful protocols that scour the world for the best hotel deals.
  • Lookin’ for Trouble™ – We head off problems when you are on the road
    We watch for delays and problems to make sure you really do get where you are going.
  • Safe To Go – Hess Travel’s global tracking for travelers
    Comprehensive global traveler locator to find your travelers in emergencies.
  • Ticket Goalie™ – Retain unused tickets value
    Our goal is to assure that you retain maximum value for unused air tickets.
  • LifeSavers™ After-Hours Emergency Staff
    Our Utah managed business travel agency’s after-hours care for our customers is managed by our own team.
  • Meetings, Events, Executive Travel Services
    Hess Travel provides strategic guidance on trends and technical expertise in the management of executive travel services, meetings and events.

Let Us Help You with Your Business Travel Needs!

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