2020 Travel Trends

Business travel is becoming increasingly popular and for 2020 we believe there will be several trends that start to show. With the new year here are 4 predictions on the upcoming corporate travel trends for 2020.

More women are traveling for business

The number of women traveling for business has increased significantly. Nearly 6 months ago a good majority or business travelers were men, now nearly half are women. Travel managers will especially need to take note as women’s travel needs may be different from men.

Better travel technology

Several companies are currently working on developing a better way to provide expense reports. One study shows that 67% of business travelers feel as if their company lacks when it comes to adopting new travel technology. Travel technology helps keep information safe and helps make traveling operations run smoother.

Prioritizing Business Leisure

Many corporate travelers are working on creating “bleisure travel”, travel that combines both business travel and leisure. According to Booking.com over half of international business travelers plan to extend more of their trips so they can spend a few days enjoying their destination. However, with this upcoming trend 29% of North American travelers stated they’d prefer to stay a day or two extra for fun.

Flight Route and Service Changes.

With the new year, several airlines have already implements new plans. Some of these changes include expansions to year-round airline routes. Delta and Virgin announced that it will now provide non-stop flights from Boston to Gatwick London, which would be a first for Delta. It’s important to keep track of the different airline route changes, especially if you or your company has a preferred airline vendor. 

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