Frequent flying can be a hassle, especially when you are traveling for business and have to focus on a big project when you land. Not only can Hess help you find the best airfare deal but we can also help you with a few tips and tricks to help combat corporate travel!


  • Have a ready to go bag. If you fly frequently for business, have a small bag ready to go with essentials so it takes less time to pack and less of a chance of forgetting something.


  • Pack small healthy snacks. Traveling is very hard on the body so eating healthy snacks here and there can help keep it in check.


  • Don’t forget sleeping essentials. Getting a good night’s sleep can give you more energy and help prepare you for what is to come when landing. Don’t forget to bring a pillow, headphones, and/or an eye mask.


  • Bring a wrinkle release spray. Having a wrinkled dress shirt when running late for a meeting can be a nightmare. Waiting for the iron to warm up can take too long so instead pack a wrinkle release spray. A travel size is only around $2 and can save a lot of time!


  • Try to only bring a carry-on. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting your luggage lost when you are traveling for business.