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As we transition, our current site is fully functional. Stay tuned for updates on our exciting next chapter.

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Hess® Corporate Travel does travel management in a way that makes a difference. Going the extra mile is part of what we do.

Sometimes you just need a friend, an ally.  In the tough world of business travel, you need someone who has your back.  At Hess Travel we know that business travel is hard work, and we have spent more than 30 years helping businesses and travelers navigate their way to success. You can rely on us to bring powerful travel management, state of the art tools, seasoned professionals and surprising efficiencies for your US business and global operations.

Hess Corporate Travel is an equity owner of one of the largest travel management organizations in the world,                     Signature Travel Network.

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We make your business travel better

At Hess Corporate Travel, everything we do – our proprietary systems and our veteran professionals on staff –  is to help take the sting out of business travel and to efficiently manage all your travel needs, saving you valuable time and money so you can focus on your business. Our professional team of corporate travel agents is always looking out for you.

Hess PriceAssurance™

Hess PriceAssurance is the Hess team’s protocol to search for better fares even after you purchase a ticket. If the price drops, allowing you to save some money, the Hess team will reissue your ticket.


Lookin' For Trouble™

Our Lookin’ For Trouble team provides an unmatched level of attention to the needs of our travelers.  Specially trained staff members monitor travel for our clients from day of departure until end of travel.


Ticket Goalie™

Nothing gets past us. We ensure that our customers retain maximum value from unused air tickets by using our powerful technology to track all your unused tickets and redeem them for value whenever possible.


Front Desk™

With our FrontDesk system, we scour the world for the best hotel deals for our customers.  We look at opportunities not only in our travel industry database, but also in sources that are not easily searchable.